Mister Ziggo Zenn ( Zenno) | Ierse Setter Queenstone Volgen nest voorjaar 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Next litter coming spring 2019. Queenstone | Irish Setters since 1976

Mister Ziggo Zenn ( Zenno)

Born 14-09-2014

 CLAD negative, PRA-rcd4 clear, HD -B-


BOS Young Dog Show Holland 2016

CAC/CACIB/BOB Eindhoven & 3e group 7, 2017

CAC/CACIB/BOS Maastricht 2017

CAC/CACIB/BOS Utrecht 2018

CAC/CACIB/BOB Den Bosch 2018 

Landessieger Westfalen 2018

Dutch Champion and VDH Champion



3 Years




    26 months


Matings by Zenno :



 Name of bitch



 Shamrock Reds 

 Shamrock Reds Blossom


  4 dogs and  7 bitches    







Thendara Satisfaction


Sh Ch Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles

Sh Ch Thendara Don Corleone

Jonola Some Like it Hot at Sumaric

Thendara Vanilla Ice

Thendara Kramer

 Cordarragh Ladybird of Thendara

Queenstone Uptown Girl


Queenstone the Jee Jee Man

Umber of Kyntire

Queenstone Gentle Lady

Queenstone Keep My Special Lady

Wait and See of the Red Empire

Queenstone Elegant Lady





  7 weeks


26 months