BB-Litter | Ierse Setter Queenstone Op 21 April 2019 zijn er 9 puppies geboren 6 reutjes en 3 teefjes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 9 puppies are born 21-04-2019, 6 dogs and 3 bitches. Queenstone | Irish Setters since 1976



                                                                                                                - BB- NEST


Vader : Vicary's Keykeeper

 8 pups geboren op




5 teefjes en 3 reutjes



Moeder : Queenstone You and Me
HD A, CLAD & PRA-rcd4 clear HD A, CLAD  & PRA-rcd4 clear



Vicary's Keykeeper


Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti

Caskey's Concept at Aoibheanne

Balbriggan Ace of Hearts by Suteresett

Vicary's Hotspot

Queensett's of the Seventh Son

 Vicary's Yassmine

Queenstone You And Me


Thendara Satisfaction

Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles

Thendara Vanilla Ice

Queenstone Lady Oilily

Queenstone Jukky Jumper

Queenstone Irish Lady





7 weeks

  • bitches