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Queenstone Irish Setter Kennel since 1976 – A name for most well-known breeders worldwide.

Our intention is to breed  off and on from well-considered combinations and conform the rules from the Dutch Kennel Club ( Raad van Beheer ) . Beside this we put extra medical check-ups to our dogs like  DNA , Hips , PRA-rcd4 and CLAD because also the Irish Setter , like all other breeds, can be a victim of heredity. Prevention is better than cure and to keep the good qualities even if possible to consolidate or to make better. We are against inbreeding and by this very selective in looking after the best dogs for our bitches.

We are member from national and international clubs :

Dutch Irish ,Dutch Irish Red , Belgian and German Irish Setter Club, Pointer and Setter Club Germany, Irish Breeders Club of England, Setter Association and the South of England Irish Setter Club.


We started in 1976 by taking a dog. It had to be a pet-dog with a good and lovely character, so it became an Irish Setter. With this dog we slowly but sure became bitten by the Setter virus.

Six years later we bought a second Irish Setter, named Queen, a show-dog.

Little by little we had the intention to start a kennel. Of course we did a lot of canine study and for to prepare ourselves well we travelled a lot in Europe.

By this Queenstone was born, named to our first show bitch. With the good qualities and a good pedigree from Revival Madrigal , our second bitch, was she the basis for the Queenstone Irish Setters.

Our Setters had a lot of success National and International, see also the view from the Showresults.

By this all, the result was to judge also the Irish Setters on Clubshows in Holland, Sweden and Finland. And from 2011 will be on the judging list C in England.